La Reine de Kabukicho (Kabukicho Creator’s Gallery 2023)

When I think about Kabukicho I think about red lights and the power of seduction.
When I think about Kabukicho Tower I think about the color blue, and the power of water.
I wanted to crystallize these thoughts in a parallel future world, like a digital twin, where spirits can go anywhere and take any shapes.

👑New Hope賞・109シネマズプレミアム賞
<受賞コメント> I am deeply pleased and honored to receive the [New Hope Award] and the [109 Cinemas Premium Award]. Tokyu Kabukicho Tower’s unique design is deeply inspiring. To create the video, I read Yuko Nagayama’s interviews, the architect of this tower. I learned about Benten-sama and listened to Evoke’s wonderful sound bank. Finally, I visited and 3D scanned Kabukicho’s street. It was very interesting, and I’m delighted with this project.
【New Hope賞】と【109シネマズプレミアム賞】を頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 東急町歌舞伎タワーのユニークな水上デザインは多くのインスピレーションをくれました。 ビデオの制作に際し、永山祐子様のインタビューと弁天様についての情報を読み、 Evokeのすごいサウンドバンクを聴き、歌舞伎町を3Dスキャンして、 非常に興味深く、喜びに満ちました。
音楽:Edited from “75_new_age_euphoric”
新宿の建物:Edited from Plateau-国土交通省ホ(
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