Dream #20230701

A wooden ghost at Kappabashi.

I wonder if there is a word in japanese for this strange feeling :
when a worksite for a new construction is starting, and the old place is dissapearing.
It could be building or objects like sculpture, bush, or jidouhanbaiki
Everytime I feel a weird mix of sadness, nostalgy and shoganai.

I have meet this wooden person almost every week for years in my life in Tokyo.
I remember his heart, which seemed to be a mysterious box.
And I remember his Kappa-Shaped Mask.
And his gaze on the passers-by and the cars.

On sunny, rainy and even snowy days, he was here.

Until the day they have started a new construction…
Then he left the place. Where is he now?

I secretly wish he will com back once the new building will be completed.

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