Dream #20230625

The little market inside the forest.

She brought me there because she loved this place last year.
“You will see, products are local, organic, and most of the time vegan!
People are so friendly and far from the stress of Tokyo”.

She was right.

From what I have understood, Seiryu aozora market is local market taking place once a month in Saitama.
It’s not far from the well-know organic shop Alishan.
You will have to walk, but the nature and the surroundings are so great!

I have been surprised the see the word “Vegan” written on a lot of shops.
People seems to be more aware about veganism, ecology, and ethic than a lot of touristic places in Tokyo.
Atmosphere, food and people were really nice. This kind of event is great escape from everyday life stress.

Even if I was quite anxious about a lot of others things in my head, it was a nice moment.
Thank you to her for bringing us there, thank you to our friend for the ride back to the station 🙂

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