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.exr export to hdr picture on web browser

Since I’m creating pictures on an Apple HDR Display and working with the High Dynamic Range option activated in Blender, I’m looking for a way to share what I truly see. I export all of my renders as .exr files, and the colors are simply wonderful on my screen.

If you follow my work, you probably already know
how deeply I am drawn
to cyan, orange, and saturated colors.
It’s become frustrating to see how low the contrast
and the lack of details are in my SDR versions.

For social networking sites (SNS), I haven’t found another solution yet than to publish HDR videos in MP4 or H.265 format. It appears that all of my exports in JPEG, PNG 16-bit, AVIF, and HEIC formats are recompressed according to the platform’s settings.

I’m still puzzled as to why native iPhone HEIC files are displayed so well on Threads or Instagram, while my HDR pictures exported as HEIC files using the Mac Preview App are not.

Here’s my current workflow to successfully
display HDR JPEGs on Chrome:

0/ Open your .exr file in Photoshop > Go to Filters > Camera Raw.

1/ Make your edits as needed, then proceed to export an HDR version of your file.

2/ The Save Options window will open; based on what is working for me currently (as of 2024/04/28):
– Format: JPEG
– Color Space: Check HDR and select P3 (as it appears to be the most Apple device-friendly option).

3/ Click on the Save button.
Your export may not display as hdr on your computer, but it should work on Photoshop ( go to Preference > Technology Preview > and check “Precise color management for HDR display” )

Test Camera Raw,
Export Jpeg

1920×1920 599Kb

HDR ARE OK on Chrome
(if you screen is compatible with the p3 color profile)

Test Camera Raw,
Export PNG
HDR p3

512×521 1Mo (1920×1920 was around 15Mo)

I can’t SUcceed to see the HDR part of the picture.

About .avif and jpeg xl (.jxl) format, I did not find a way to upload them on WordPress or SNS to try.

If you have any suggestions for displaying pictures from .exr files created in Blender, Houdini, or Unreal Engine as HDR images on social network services and the web, I would love to hear about it! (feel free to DM me on Instagram (@neoyume).

Thank you,

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